Emergency Response to Flood/Landslide in Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone plunged into chaos following landslides which claimed the lives of many. Thankfully all of our children and staff are safe as our project is some way from the immediate environs of the disaster. However, we are working very closely with our partner Operation Orphan to address the devastation left behind by the flood and landslide which hit the country on Monday 14th August 2017.
As many as 400 people have been confirmed dead, and many more reported missing. Children are amongst the highest casualties in this disaster and our response is not only to look at ways to provide immediate relief, but to explore longer term care for children orphaned in this epidemic. This will ultimately include provision of shelter, education and much needed psychological counselling.

As the country begins seven (7) days of mourning, and mass burials, our team in Sierra Leone are reaching out to families to supply essential items of clothing, footwear and blankets to the victims. If you would like to donate to our ongoing efforts, please do so through our website or contact us for further information. Thank you so much for being part of our journey.