Our Family



We discourage the use of the word 'orphanage' simply because we feel this encourages labelling and stigmatisation of already vulnerable children. We  encourage and nurture each child to grow up in a safe environment which celebrates and help them realise  their full potential.

We provide an all-inclusive model supervised by a home parent/s.  Our facilities are available to all children who fall within the selection criteria, inclusive of those with special educational needs and disabilities.

Where a child with identified special needs is placed the number of children allocated to the family unit is adjusted accordingly, to take into account time/extra resources needed to allow for an effective and more intensive care plan.

We currently have forty-eight(48) children in our Heaven Homes family, forty-one (41) of whom lost their main carer during the Ebola epidemic. Our first children joined the HH family in 2013, and this has grown progressively with referrals coming from various regions in Sierra Leone.  The children's progress demonstrates that with the right care, environment and nurturing, a child can thrive outside the conventional family unit.

Sheku opening his Christmas Shoebox Gift from friends in the UK

Sheku opening his Christmas Shoebox Gift from friends in the UK