"As mere humans we are far from perfect and our purpose is found not in humanity, but it is rooted in our understanding of the practical application of Christian values and responsibilities. The liberation afforded to us by sacrifice, grace, compassion and commission is what we aim to demonstrate to individuals, communities and nations". 

Born Kiptieu Fatmata Sessay in Sierra Leone to humble parents who not only taught me the value in serving others, but exemplified this.

The journey towards this vision has been long and arduous, but this has only reinforced our passion to see every child - boy and girl, experience childhood. We aim to create opportunities which value children as individuals, encouraging creativity and positioning them as future leaders to rebuild broken nations. 

I had a difficult childhood, one which gave me some insight into the trials and challenges that many children grow through - especially where they have been separated from their biological families. The scars left behind could either spur you into despair or embed in you a determination to serve humanity in a way similar to what you had wished for yourself.  I was fortunate and blessed to have come across many 'angels' who mentored me, but more than anything I grew into a woman who wanted nothing more than to see children experience childhood. I returned to Sierra Leone after 27 years in the United Kingdom having established the foundations of Heaven Homes.

I have three beautiful children, who are equally committed to serve others less fortunate than themselves, and for this I am most grateful and thankful to God for their willingness to share their 'Mummy' with the world.

Professional Experience


Kippy has been active in the discussion between diaspora and traditional humanitarian organisations with a view to formalising a more cohesive approach to aid and participation, especially during crises.  

Kippy worked as a Prosecutor for the National Probation Service(UK) and also holds Probation Officer qualifications. 

She possesses specialist skills in developing, and delivering Cognitive Behavioural programmes, working with victims and their families to facilitate reconciliation, and has experience in one-to one as well as group counselling, and psycho-social therapy. 

Kippy  has current and applicable experience in case and project management and in 2013 was nominated and awarded the prestigious Changing Lives Award for her contribution to offender management and rehabilitation in London. She is particularly passionate about child protection and safeguarding and her work at the Probation Service included specialist training to lead and manage a team which focused on Women in conflict with the Criminal Justice system.